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Why do car exhausts rust so quickly?

Car exhaust rust more quickly then other car parts

The car exhaust rusts more quickly then other components for the following reasons.

1. Car exhausts are very exposed to water, salt, debris and damage from materials thrown up to the under body

2. Most car exhausts are made from thin steel with a thin coating on top or none at all. The heat generated from a car exhaust will make most paints burn off.

3. The exhaust undergoes extreme differences in temperature and alongside internal water vapour this helps speed up oxidisation.

Stainless steel car exhausts are available in the market but these are normally only fitted on higher end vehicles due to their expensive manufacture costs.

With the recent UK flooding and cold winter months, making sure your car exhaust is in top condition is important for road safety and performance.

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Posted : 07/12/2012 13:07:21

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